Effect of Information Systems on the Efficiency and Profitability of Banks in Nigeria

Jimba Kareem

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Keywords: Profitability, Liquidity, Viability, Computerization, Efficiency, Stability


In recent years, there has been a sharp surge in the global quest for the utilization of information
systems in the management of businesses. The banking industry seems to be in the forefront of
this quest, especially in developing countries where e-banking has fast become a handy criterion
for assessing the productivity and viability of the banks. Efficiency and profitability are among
the variables for assessing the productivity of banks. This study seeks to examine the effects of
information systems on the efficiency and profitability of Nigeria banks in Abuja FCT
.Descriptive statistics and Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient were employed in
the analysis of 104 questionnaires distributed to workers in 10 Nigerian banks. The results of the
study show that information systems have tremendous effects on the efficiency of banks, which in
turn has positive effects on customer satisfaction, leading to higher profitability.