Influence of New Media on Media Buying among Selected Lagos-based Advertising Practitioners

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Keywords: Advertising, Media planning, traditional media JEL Classification:M37 1. INTRODUCTION


This paper describes the study designed to examine how new media impacts on advertising
media planning and buying, particularly from the perspectives of media buyers in Lagos-based
advertising agencies. The study, qualitative in design, utilized an interview guide to obtain data
from ten (10) purposively selected respondents among registered members of Media Independent
Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) and registered members of Advertising
Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), all based in Lagos. Findings show that, despite
awareness of the existence of new media technologies relevant to media planning, majority of
respondents’ exposure to such media platforms is still nascent. Findings also indicate that while
majority of the respondents use new media as an effective way of reaching target audience,
virtually all respondents consider new media as the future of the media planning and buying
industry, despite some of the criticisms targeted at such media. Consequently, the study
recommends more focus on new media research and the available opportunities offered by such
media to complement, rather than the sole deployment of the traditional media planning methods
by advertising practitioners during advertising campaigns.